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Drive with Oiii

Lower operating costs will make you more competitive.
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WHY Oiii?

More jobs, more revenue

Provide a better service to your passengers

Better maps + navigation

Lower operating costs and higher vehicle utilisation

Create Customer Loyalty with Good Service

Oiii provides complete vehicle fit out.

Book more jobs using our innovative OiiiBid feature

Process MPTP vouchers using new Victorian Government approved technology.

Streamlined taxi operations - do more in less time

Operate as independent or choose to visualise your management company’s brand

Cameras installed for driver and passenger safety

Make the taxi industry viable again, now and in the future


Minimum Vehicle Checklist:

Your vehicle must meet specific standards before you register or contact us. Please check off the list below as confirmation:


Before heading out on the road, you will need to bring the following documents on your installation day:

Valid driver accreditation.
Proof of taxi licence.
A valid, full driver’s licence for your state or territory.
Proof of vehicle insurance.
Sedan Vehicle

Inspection + Installation Day

If you ticked all the above requirements then click BOOK NOW to organise a day and time that suits.


Oiii will install all hardware into vehicles compliant with local authorities.
Oiii Driver Tablet


An all-in-one smart in-vehicle driver system including taxi meter and web-based vehicle/fleet management solution:

Turnkey solution replacing legacy meters and payment systems.

Smarter job dispatch, better maps & navigation and voice support for entry of destination addresses.

See photos of passengers and give them a rating.

No more lost revenue due to passengers picking up another taxi after you have accepted a job.

Ability for passengers to set you up as a preferred driver & many other features.

Real-time visibility of vehicles, jobs, taxi utilisation, driver shifts, cancelled jobs and many other metrics.

Historical views of trips, revenue, expenses and trip views on map.

Ability to enter new jobs into the system.

Ability to setup Oiii drivers and update their profiles.

View driver & vehicle ratings and driver responses to fit-to-drive questions.