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OiiiPlus Driver App Launched - Nov 2019

As a major milestone in its domestic and global expansion plans, Australian company Net-Cabs has extended its Oiii ecosystem with the launch of its new OiiiPlus driver app. Now all Taxi, Limo and Rideshare drivers can accept passenger OiiiBid jobs by simply installing the OiiiPlus app onto their mobile phones.

The OiiiPlus app has been specifically developed for non-Oiii branded taxi, limo and rideshare drivers to accept passenger OiiiBid jobs through the OiiiPlus app without needing to change their existing affiliation. In other words, drivers can continue driving their existing taxi, limo and rideshare vehicles and yet provide OiiiBid services to passengers via OiiiPlus.

OiiiPlus makes the Oiii application process seamless and free. Once a driver application has been approved, OiiiPlus switches automatically from application to operation mode and drivers can immediately start accepting OiiiBid passenger jobs.

The main benefit to drivers is the ability to earn more income whilst passengers benefit from the ability to set the fare and choose their preferred ride from a broader range of drivers and vehicles. Read more.

OiiiBid Launched - Feb 2019

Melbourne based Net-Cabs is excited to introduce the new OiiiBid feature in the Oiii passenger booking app. OiiiBid takes the guessing game out of ordering a ride, providing a novel way for the industry to set fares for passenger transport. Specifically, passengers are able to set their pick-up and drop-off locations, pick their preferred drivers and vehicles and the amount they are willing to pay. Matched up drivers are then able to either accept passenger offers or send counter-bids, all in real-time. Once an offer has been accepted, the price is locked in with no additional surcharge.

Oiii with OiiiBid is expected to disrupt the market as it is the only transport booking app in the world that allows passengers and drivers to negotiate a fare price in real-time. OiiiBid gives passengers choice and drivers the ability to accept the jobs they want.

Net-Cabs is currently developing new innovative technologies that will broaden the appeal of OiiiBid by making the feature available to the broader market.

MPTP Update - Dec 2018

Net-Cabs launches new technology for processing Multi Purpose Taxi Program cards in Melbourne. Read more.

Net-Cabs Launches Oiii, an Australian Startup set to revolutionise the traditional taxi experience.

Net-Cabs, a government approved taxi network service provider, has announced the official launch of its new taxi service Oiii which is set to disrupt and revolutionise current taxi and ride-sharing services.

The new taxi start-up is committed to transforming the traditional taxi experience for operators, drivers and passengers. Launching on Monday, 22nd of January, new multi-colour Oiii cars will be appearing all over Melbourne roads, and in taxi ranks, disrupting ride-sharing services and breathing life and colour back into the taxi industry.

Founded by Dennis Jeffees, one of the original licence holders for Europcar in Australia, and managed by Co-CEO Roland Grelewicz, Oiii aims to compete with rideshare companies and bring hope to the taxi industry.

Oiii delivers location-based booking, fare estimate, payment and vehicle tracking services via a mobile app for passengers, as well as a loyalty program slated to be rolled out where credits will be used to pay for future journeys.

Riders of Oiii will have access to free Wi-Fi and a host of other benefits such as being able to book a ‘preferred driver’ or set ‘cabin moods’ for rides. The payment process is fully automated, and passengers can jump in and out of a taxi without being charged booking fees or credit card surcharges.

Taxi drivers also benefit from Oiii’s all-in-one smart in-vehicle driver system. It has been designed from scratch to streamline the customer journey and provide real-time processing using the latest in mobile and cloud technologies. It provides the necessary boost to an industry defined by physical receipt reporting and manual processes. Oiii features include an integrated meter, enhanced maps and navigation, voice support, and incentives for drivers to build rapport with passengers to receive a positive rating and being ‘saved’ as a preferred driver.

Within Australia, the taxi-industry is now increasing its focus on driver and passenger safety. All Oiii drivers are fully licensed, and a cloud-based security monitoring platform will allow authorities to monitor and transmit footage to approved personnel in real-time. Oiii is compliant with the government approved tariff meter in Victoria, meaning surge pricing does not apply.

Co-CEO and company spokesperson Roland Grelewicz says, "Our mission is to breathe life back into the taxi industry by creating a thriving environment that’s great for drivers and operators, but most importantly by putting the needs of passengers as our No. 1 priority."

"The market has become very polarised by taxis and ridesharing at the extreme ends – there is a market gap now in the middle that we see Oiii destined to fill."

Oiii Founder Dennis Jeffees says, "There’s no hiding from the fact that the traditional taxi industry has faced significant struggles to manage change in the digital age, with manual processes and cash handling still very much a part of a driver’s daily routine. We are committed to helping the taxi industry become viable again by using the latest in technology to lower operating costs, deliver a service Australians can trust, and vastly improve the passenger experience along the way."

"We have taken the best from taxis and the best from ride-sharing and tried to meld them together to provide a superior service."

Oiii taxis will be introduced onto Melbourne roads from Monday, 22 January 2018.

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