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Learn about the benefits of Oiii for you and your passengers.

Why Ride with Oiii?

Because it’s everything you like about ride sharing with the added safety of a regulated taxi service.
Oiii combines the best of both worlds with unique features to provide passengers with an enjoyable and safe experience, including:

Online security cameras
No booking fees or credit card surcharges
No surge-pricing
Choose to either use a regulated taxi meter or set your own fare using OiiiBid
Set preferred drivers for your booking
Set your cabin mood for the perfect trip
Jump out of a cab without waiting for a manual payment to complete
Free Wi-Fi in every Oiii branded vehicle
Enjoy a loyalty program with Oiii Credits and other rewards
Lots to like!
Oiii is a game changer, bringing the taxi network into the 21st century.
It’s the only way to ride and we can’t wait for you to start enjoying the benefits.
Download our free app and let Oiii take you there.

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What Exactly is Oiii?

Oiii is the best of traditional taxis and rideshare plus a lot more.

It empowers passengers to take control of their journey and be safe. Try it now, download the Oiii app and Tap & Ride.

The most advanced, end-to-end integrated dispatch solution in the world.

Aussie owned, designed and built in Melbourne Australia.ers, drivers and operators alike.

Developed by accredited service provider Net-Cabs Pty Ltd who is committed to transforming the traditional taxi experience for passengers, drivers and operators alike.

Get the Oiii App & Enjoy

Even more features and benefits.

Book rides with the Oiii Passenger App on your phone. Simply Tap & Ride©

Set your own fare using our unique OiiiBid feature

No Surge-pricing

No booking fees

Fixed price fares – regulated Govt tariffs

No credit card surcharges

Security cameras in every car

Choose your preferred drivers

Easy Pay cashless transactions – Jump in, jump out without the bother of payment transactions

Set your car cabin mood for the perfect trip

Phone your driver without revealing your number

Free WiFi

Save multiple favourite Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

Driver and Passenger rating system

Made in Australia

I have questions about Oiii

We strive to provide all answers to common questions passengers might have about the app and service.

Drive with Oiii

Experience industry leading features and benefits.
Get On Board with Oiii

Owner Drivers – Get your vehicle fitted out. Get more jobs and earn more. Better service and lower operating costs will make you more competitive.

Drive with OiiiPlus

All Drivers – Now all taxi, limo and rideshare drivers can accept Oiii jobs!

Fleet Owners

All Vehicles – Monitor and control your entire fleet. Capture all data. Communicate with your drivers!