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About Oiii (7)

Developed by accredited taxi service provider Net-Cabs Pty Ltd, Oiii has been designed from scratch to combine the safety of taxis with the ease of rideshare. The Oiii End-to-End Taxi Dispatch solution consists of:

All-in-one smart in-vehicle driver system including a regulated taxi meter
Innovative smartphone Taxi Booking Application for passengers
Web-based fleet management and Taxi Dispatch solution for operators
Real-time admin portal for the government regulator

Oiii is derived from the word Oi which is a common colloquial expression for getting someone’s attention.

Proudly made in Melbourne, Oiii has been created by a dedicated team that is passionate about innovation and using the latest in technology to help improve people’s lives.

Oiii Taxi App puts you in control of your journey. Encompassing every component of a fully integrated taxi system to put you first, we’re all about making your travel easy and keeping you safe with our own added benefits:

Security cameras in every car

Choose your preferred drivers

Set your car cabin mood for the perfect trip

Phone your driver without revealing your number

Free WiFi

Save multiple favourite Pick-up and Drop-off locations

Driver and Passenger rating system

Made in Australia

Oiii is launching in and around Melbourne but already preparing for the rollout in other cities and regional areas across Australia.

We aim to be up and running in all Australian states as soon as possible. We also have plans to expand overseas – we will keep you posted on our progress.

Not yet but we are working on it.
How to get started with Oiii (5)

You can download the Oiii App from your smart phone App store. Links are down in the footer of this webpage.

Yes, the Oiii App is free to download. Links are down in the footer of this webpage.

Here is the link to download Oiii for iOS: Download at the App Store:

If you cannot download the App, please contact us at Contact Us.

Here is the link to download Oiii for Android:

If you cannot download the App, please contact us at Contact Us.

To create an Oiii account, simply download the App from your smartphone’s App store. Once you have downloaded the App, provide some basic information about yourself to register with Oiii (see FAQ How do I use the App?).

How to use Oiii (19)

After downloading and installing the Oiii App on your phone, you first need to register with Oiii (unless you have already done so on another phone).

To register all you need is to provide your name, a valid email address and a password.

You will then receive a confirmation email to validate your email address and accept our Terms of our Service (EULA). Once completed you can login to the Oiii App. Upon setting your payment option, you are ready to book a taxi.

Using Oiii is simple. Just click the Book Taxi button and follow the prompts. The Oiii App will guide and prompt you every step of the way so you don’t need a manual.
Tip: Set aliases (nicknames) for your favourite locations, and you will be amazed how quickly you can book a taxi!

Credit card payment is the simplest way of streamlining the payment process. Oiii removes the hassles associated with cash payments or manual processing overheads.

Once you have provided your credit card information, Oiii will check that your card is valid. Upon booking a taxi, Oiii will perform a pre-authorisation on your card for the estimated fare amount. This ensures that you have the funds available on your card to be able to pay for your trip. Once your trip is concluded and the final fare amount known (based on the final read of the taxi meter) your card is automatically charged.

The benefit to you is that with Oiii you can simply jump in and out of your taxi without the inconvenience of waiting for a manual payment process to conclude. Oiii will promptly send a receipt to your email account.

When you load your photo into the App, after accepting a job, the driver will see your photo on his Oiii tablet.

This will help the driver to identify you as the person who has booked the taxi, thereby ensuring that the driver does not pick up another person by mistake.

Just click on one of your stored address favourites in the Drop-off Location screen or click on the input field and type your address.

Upon typing the address, Oiii will automatically start to complete your address by giving you matching choices.

As soon as you see your address auto-completed, click on it and then press [Accept].

Note: If you like to add the address to your favourite location list, press the ‘’ button and assign a nickname (alias) to it before pressing [Accept].

Yes, you can. By default the Oiii App sets your current location as your pick-up location but you can simply change it by clicking on “Pick-up Location” on the “Booking Details” screen.

Apart from setting your pick-up and drop-off locations you can select a vehicle type, time of pickup and mood setting for each trip. You can also configure your preferred driver settings.

Yes, click on [Vehicle Type] on your [Booking Details] screen and pick your preference from the available vehicle types.

The answer is yes and no. Whilst we have the ability to do that, we have decided to disable this feature during our launch phase to make sure everything is running smoothly before we activate it.

Yes, in fact you can save as many addresses you like by giving them an alias (nickname) to remember them by. Saving a favourite address is easy, just ‘’ the address after entering it and assign it an alias.

Next time you create a booking, simply select a favourite address from your list for either your pick-up or drop-off location. If you want to delete a favourite address, that’s easy too, just ‘’ the alias.

Yes, but similar to the “Booking Ahead” functionality we have decided to settle in without multi pick-up/ drop-off functionality to make sure that everything else is 100% before we go full-throttle.

Yes, Oiii has many Maxi taxis. These are commuter vans specifically fitted out to transport wheelchair bound passengers, with drivers who are accredited to operate wheelchair lifts.

You can but preferably the other person should book their own taxi so drivers can match the photo on their tablet with the person they are picking up.

If you are a guardian or carer for another person you should create an Oiii account (i.e. register) for the other person and book a taxi in their name.

Just open up the side menu and there you can see your active bookings with the current status.

You can click on each booking entry in the menu which will provide you with more information about your booking.

Yes, you can, but preferably you shouldn’t as the assigned driver may not be able to accommodate your request.

Yes, if the App is open and in the foreground Oiii will play a distinctive sound and show relevant pop-ups with images to inform you that a taxi has arrived.

No, you cannot. For us to assign the best driver and also pre-authorize the right amount on your card we need to know your pick-up and drop-off location.

Yes, but for this you need to set your mobile number in your profile. You are highly encouraged to do this, as without it, you won’t be able to call your driver and vice versa. Please note that your number is never revealed to your driver and neither is his to you.

By acting as an intermediator Oiii provides a facility for a voice connection to be established between driver and the person initiating a booking.

This facility is automatically established as soon as a driver has accepted a booking and remains in place until the job is completed and the passenger has been dropped-off safely at their destination.

Users with visual or hearing impairments can use the accessibility features in Android or iOS. Oiii endeavours to support as many accessibility features as possible.

If you notice an error or omission or have an idea on how to make our App more accessible, then please contact feedback@oiii.com.

How to use OiiiBid (6)

OiiiBid is a unique and exclusive feature to Oiii that allows passengers to set their own fares.

Passengers are able to set their pick-up and drop-off locations and the amount they are willing to pay for the ride.

Nearby drivers are then able to either accept the offer or send a counter-offer. Once an offer is agreed upon, the price is locked in.

Rides booked through OiiiBid are paid for in the same way as any other ride booked through Oiii. Payments are made in the app through credit card. You must provide your credit card information before you can book a ride with Oiii.

The benefit of using OiiiBid is that once a driver and passenger agree on the price it’s locked in.

Tolls and government levies are all included in the price. No estimations, no guesses, no surprises, passengers will know exactly what they’re paying before they are picked up.

Please Note: Locked in prices do not include cleaning fees that may be imposed on passengers if they leave rubbish and mess in the taxi.

No, the nature of the agreement is that the driver will attempt to take the quickest path between pick-up and drop-off.

The Oiii algorithm determines which offers are presented to drivers and in what order. Passengers have the ability to set driver preferences, car types, wait times and other options. Oiii takes all that into consideration before starting to present passenger offers to drivers.

Priority will be given to the best-suited drivers for a given passenger offer and then the offer is progressively extended to other drivers. Multiple drivers can submit counter-bids but once a driver accepts the last passenger offer or the passenger accepts a driver’s counter-offer, the booking is settled and the price locked in.

Once a driver accepts a passenger’s offer or a passenger accepts a drivers counter offer, that driver will make their way to the pickup destination.

Riding with Oiii (10)

When the Oiii App is open on your smartphone, you will hear a sound and see a pop-up making it apparent that your taxi has arrived. When the App is in the background, you will receive a push-notification alerting that your taxi has arrived.

Note: For this to work you must enable push-notifications for the Oiii App on your phone. If you click on your push-notification, the Oiii App will open with the current booking details showing in the [View Journey] screen.

You will see the photo of your driver in the Oiii App as soon as the driver has accepted your job. Once you get into the taxi you will see him in person and also see his photo on the driver tablet.

If you are in doubt that the driver is the driver on the photo shown, please notify us immediately at Contact Us.

Absolutely. If small children travel with you, you may need to provide a booster seat or an appropriate capsule to transport your child safely, in line with transport regulations.

Yes, providing it is in a suitable pet carrier which is for its own safety. Note: All drivers are required by law to transport service animals. If you have any issues with drivers refusing fares due to your service animal then please explain the situation to the driver.

If the issue persists, please contact us at Contact Us.

Yes. It’s part of the Oiii service to provide you with free Wifi. As soon as your journey starts, the access information will become available in your Oiii App allowing you to use Oiii’s WiFi hotspot in the taxi

After a driver has accepted your booking, we base the estimated time of arrival (ETA) on the driver’s distance from his current location to your pick-up location. Changing traffic conditions can influence time of travel and the ETA is updated dynamically by the Oiii App.

The same applies to expected travel time from pick-up to drop-off. ETAs can change but Oiii’s main priority remains to get you to your destination safely.

Your driver may be caught up in bad traffic or may be experiencing some other issues. You can monitor your driver’s transit progress in the Oiii App and call him if you think that he is not progressing as he should.

Should your driver not show up at all, or arrive unreasonably late, please notify us at Contact Us.

Yes, but cold food only and make sure that you don’t leave any rubbish behind otherwise the driver may impose a vehicle cleaning fee on you.

No but we may provide an add-on service in the future that will.

Feedback / Complaints (7)

Oiii values passenger feedback and takes all complaints seriously. Passengers can use the Oiii app, the Oiii website or call the Oiii support line to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Oiii endeavours to respond to each passenger enquiry within the next business day.

We are keen to get your feedback on your driver, vehicle and trip after each ride. At the end of your ride you will be prompted to provide your rating but you can do it within a week by visiting your trip history.

You can also send us comments and feedback anytime via the [Feedback] facility in the Oiii App menu or send us an email directly to feedback@nulloiii.com.

Absolutely, the three rules of Oiii are: service, service and service. Sub-par drivers and vehicles will be offered less work and great drivers and good cars will be offered more work by Oiii. So, your feedback is vital to improving the quality of the taxi service..

Yes, by setting your preferred drivers. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee where your preferred driver will be at the time of your specific booking.

So that you are not left stranded, if within one minute your preferred driver does not accept your job, then we will offer the job to the next best driver available in your area.

No, as much as a driver cannot refuse to accept you in his vehicle, you cannot refuse the driver either. Of course, you have the ability to cancel your trip, but note that once a driver has accepted your booking, a $10 cancellation fee applies.

Most standard vehicles are licensed to carry 5 passengers in total (including the driver). Should you require a larger vehicle, such as Maxi Taxi, please select this option at the time of your booking.

Oiii drivers are all accredited taxi drivers and Oiii conducts a number of background and identity checks before on-boarding any driver.

Drivers are also trained in the use of the Oiii system and undergo additional Oiii training courses from time to time.

Payment (7)

You pay by credit card. You must provide your credit card information before you can book a ride with Oiii.

No, Oiii bookings are being paid via credit card only. See FAQ above “Why do I have to provide my credit card information?” for more information.

To set up your Oiii App payment methods click on your menu [Profile] and then on [Payment Methods]

The App will show you a history of all your bookings, including your payments history. Any adjustments to your payment, including refunds, discounts or promotions will show on your account under [Profile] and [View Oiii Credits].

You don’t have to do anything. Oiii will automatically deduct from your fare price your available Oiii Credits and if the fare price is greater than your Oiii Credits, then the rest will be charged to your credit card.

If you believe you have been charged incorrectly, you are entitled to have your fare reviewed. Select [Fares Issues] in the menu [Feedback] section of your Oiii App and outline your concerns or send us an email directly to Contact Us.

Oiii will attempt to pre-authorise the estimated fare amount on your credit card. If there is a problem with it Oiii will not proceed with the booking.

At this point you may elect to enter a new card or change the default payment card setting to another card in the Oiii App and retry.

If you believe that your card is valid and that you have sufficient credit on your card to cover the estimated fare price, please let us know through the [Feedback] facility or send us an email directly to Contact Us.

App Troubleshooting (5)

Please make sure that you have Internet network connectivity (you can browse the Internet) and then check your junk or spam folders. If after 15 minutes you haven’t received an email from Oiii, you can retry, but before you do, make sure that you have entered a valid email address. I

f you are still not receiving a verification email after a second attempt, please Contact Us.

If you encounter location issues there is a good chance that the GPS setting on your phone is not set correctly. Please ensure your GPS is turned on, set to High Location Accuracy and your phone is NOT operating on low battery.

If you are operating in an area with poor GPS reception (under cover, indoors etc.) you may not be able to get a GPS location lock. Always try to book in an area with a strong mobile signal and your Wi-Fi turned on in order to minimise any disruptions or issues.

If the Oiii App freezes whilst in use, close the App and then restart it. Please let us know via the App’s Feedback facility of your problem or send us an email directly to feedback@nulloiii.com so that we can improve the App.

Some Wi-Fi or cellular networks may affect your phone’s ability to connect to our system.

The Oiii App will tell you if you have connectivity issues by showing you a broken network icon in the top menu bar.

If network connectivity issues persist on your phone, try to switch from 4G/5G to Wifi or vice versa.

We aim for continuous improvement. If you notice any issues with our App we would really like to know about it.

Please let us know via the [Feedback] facility or send us an email directly to feedback@nulloiii.com.

General Enquiries (5)

All personal information is stored securely and we take precautions to protect all personal information that we hold from misuse, interference and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

For more information please refer to our Platform Privacy Policy.

If you believe you have left something in the vehicle, please utilise the [Lost Property] Facility in the Oiii App to let us know.

You should provide us with information on the item you have left in the car and a suitable contact number for us to get in touch with you.

Manage Your Account Details (5)

To update your details please select [Profile] from the Oiii App menu and update the information you wish to change. If you are having trouble with this, let us know via the [Feedback] facility or send us an email directly to feedback@nulloiii.com.

To reset a password, open the Oiii App and click Forgot your password?

The App will walk you through the rest. If you run into any trouble please let us know at Contact Us.

If there is a payment issue or a verified complaint against you, then Oiii may elect to suspend your account.

If you wish to know why your account has been suspended, please contact us at Contact Us.

If you believe your details have been stolen please notify us immediately by sending an email to Contact Us.

Just let us know by sending your request to Contact Us.

Pricing (5)

This depends on whether you pick to use our OiiiBid feature or a regulated taxi meter. The OiiiBid feature is a locked in price that doesn’t change. You will know exactly what you are playing before you ride.

The Oiii taxi meter is based on regulated taxi tariffs. Our Oiii meter technology is tested regularly to ensure it is working correctly. We therefore believe our system is reasonably accurate when it comes to estimating trip fares. If you feel otherwise please let us know via the [Feedback] facility in the Oiii App or contact us directly at Contact Us.

No, fees may vary subject to vehicle size, premium status or other criteria.

The Oiii taxi meter is a regulated taxi meter and adheres to the tariffs mandated by the relevant government transport authority. For more information on taxi fares please visit the relevant website of your transport authority..

Neither. As we are a regulated transport service provider our fares are set by the relevant government transport authority. For more information on taxi fares please visit the relevant website of your state transport authority.

Oiii does not apply surge pricing as it is a regulated taxi service provider. Surge pricing is a practice predominantly known with rideshare services that set high fare prices in times when demand for transport is higher.