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New: Private Networks For All Drivers.

Create your own Private Network, then invite your driver friends.*
Join multiple networks by accepting other drivers’ invitations.
Only 15% commission!
Get job priority when you become an Oiii Taxi Owner Driver.
Receive job offers from any network you are a member of.


If you receive an invitation from a friend to join their private driver network and you are not already an OiiiPlus driver, then you need to first download the OiiiPlus app from your app store and register by following the application process.
Upon a successful registration, you will be able to accept your invitation, create your own private network and invite other drivers to your network.

* Driver networks operate within the Oiii dispatch network.
† Booking fees, levies and commissions will be applied where applicable. Refer to the OiiiPlus app for more information.

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See below for answers to frequently asked questions. For any other questions please don’t hesitate to email or Call (03) 8394 6812

About Oiii (15)

The OiiiPlus app has been designed for all drivers who are not Primary Oiii taxi drivers (see below how to become a Primary Oiii taxi driver).

Specifically, it allows for non-Oiii branded taxi, limo and rideshare drivers to accept OiiiBid jobs through the OiiiPlus app without needing to change their existing affiliation.

In other words, drivers can continue driving their existing taxi, limo and rideshare vehicles and yet provide OiiiBid services through OiiiPlus

Passengers pick their destination and make Oiii drivers an offer on their Oiii passenger app.

If you as a driver are in the range of a pick-up location, the offer will appear on your OiiiPlus app or you will receive a push notification on your phone. You will be able to see the pick-up and drop-off locations and the passenger’s offer for the service request.

You can either accept the offer or increase the fare. The passenger will instantly see your response and can either accept, reject your bid or make you a counteroffer. In short, OiiiBid allows you to negotiate the fare with the passenger for a transport job in real-time.

Once there is agreement, OiiiPlus will provide you with all information to conclude the service.

Yes, although the number will be limited. You are encouraged to promptly bid on or accept a passenger’s offer if you are interested, otherwise someone else might.

From the travel distance and the offered amount you should be able to quickly assess if the job offer is of interest to you. Once an offer has been accepted by you or the passenger, the job will be assigned to you and other drivers’ bids will be cancelled.

OiiiPlus will then provide you with all the information to finish the job.

Simply fill out the application form and submit it for review. The entire application can be completed within the OiiiPlus app, and if the review team has further questions, they will let you know if any part of the application requires amendment.

As a basic rule, please ensure that there are no typos in the application and before uploading pictures, make sure they are current and in focus. Outdated or difficult to recognise faces, documents or vehicles in photos will need to be resubmitted!

Once all provided information has been reviewed and confirmed your application will be approved.

After being approved, the provided information will be loaded into the Oiii system and once that is concluded, OiiiPlus will switch from application to operation mode.

You will be able to start a shift and accept OiiiBid jobs.

Yes, you can. As long as your app is running (either in foreground or background) and you have an active shift (this means you have started but not ended your shift), OiiiPlus will offer you passenger jobs when they become available within a range of your current location

Fares are paid by the customer to Oiii and Oiii pays you the next business day.

Your money is automatically transferred into your nominated bank account (you supply this information to us in your application).

Oiii may vary its commission fee subject to promotional offers but we promise it will never be more than 20%.

Yes, they will, and you are always encouraged to deliver an outstanding service.

Conversely, if you run into an issue with a customer, you can let us know through the feedback section in the app and we will look into that on your behalf.

The levy is included in the agreed passenger fare and you will need to take this into consideration when you accept a job booking.

Oiii will automatically collect the levy for OiiiBid jobs and pay it to the respective state revenue office. You don’t have to worry about it.

Tolls are included in the agreed fixed OiiiBid passenger fare. Please make sure that you take this into consideration before accepting OiiiBid jobs for trips that will traverse tollways.

No, there are no hidden costs.

No term as such, you agree to follow our service rules and comply with T&Cs (Terms and Conditions) of the OiiiPlus end-user licence agreement. In simple terms, we provide the OiiiPlus and OiiiBid services that you can use as desired, but when you do, you play by the rules.

In addition to radio and social media campaigns, we have a busy plan for passenger promotions with some exciting partnerships that will be announced soon.

Yes, we have already launched in some states and getting ready to roll out Oiii services Australia wide. Passengers can use their passenger app and order services anywhere in Australia.

The answer is most definitely yes. In addition to meeting the same requirements as a Secondary Oiii driver, you will need to provide a suitable vehicle that we will convert for you into an Oiii Taxi.

You can submit a Primary Oiii driver application or request a friendly Oiii team member to contact you and provide assistance through the OiiiPlus app.

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