OiiiPlus the Oiii Driver App

First Milestone!

We now have 1000 registered drivers in Victoria on OiiiPlus. That’s halfway to our target to launch the Oiii Passenger Campaign.

Please tell all your friends to register on OiiiPlus to reach our 2000 target quicker.

OiiiPlus the Oiii Driver App

• Create your own Private Network, then invite your driver friends.*

• Join multiple networks by accepting other drivers’ invitations.

• Offload jobs to your networks and earn a commission for every completed job.†

• Receive job offers from any network you are a member of.

Register + Sign in for more jobs.

Download the new “OiiiPlus” App from your app store.

* Driver networks operate within the Oiii dispatch network.
† Booking fees, levies and commissions will be applied where applicable. Refer to the OiiiPlus app for more information.
Note: Oiii will launch a comprehensive passenger campaign in Melbourne as soon as 2,000 Victorian drivers have registered with OiiiPlus.