Onboarding and Integration with OiiiPlus

To become an Uber Taxi driver, eligible individuals will need to download the OiiiPlus driver app (Android @ Google Play or iPhone @ App Store).

This app is an integral part of the onboarding process, allowing drivers to select ‘Uber Taxi’ as their ride class. Once approved, drivers will have their vehicles fitted with specialised taxi equipment at Oiii’s service centre in Port Melbourne.

The equipment installation includes a head unit display, control unit/meter, a wired security camera, a payment terminal, and car decals, provided at no upfront cost for a limited time.

Net-Cabs Technology: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Net-Cabs supplies the integrated online metering, payment, and security camera solutions for Uber Taxi vehicles. This technology is government-approved and guarantees the accuracy of every fare while enhancing driver and passenger safety.

By partnering with Uber, Net-Cabs brings its state-of-the-art taxi tech to a broader audience, supporting the seamless integration of traditional taxis onto the Uber platform.

Benefits for Drivers

The introduction of Uber Taxi offers numerous benefits for drivers:

  1. New Earning Opportunities: Drivers can now access additional demand from both street hails and taxi ranks, in addition to bookings through the Uber app.
  2. Comprehensive Support: Uber covers the costs of equipment and installation.
  3. Competitive Fee Structure: A weekly subscription fee of just $25 and an 8% service charge on unbooked trips provide an attractive proposition for drivers. Additionally, a 5% discount on the service fee for booked trips will apply for the remainder of 2024.
  4. Flexibility: Drivers can operate Uber Taxis alongside traditional taxi services.

Join the Uber Taxi Program

Drivers interested in joining the Uber Taxi program can register their interest through Uber’s platform. The onboarding process includes:

  1. Complete a registration with Uber’s partner (Net-Cabs).
  2. Book an appointment to install all taxi hardware in your vehicle at Net-Cabs’ facility in Melbourne.
  3. Add the unbooked service type to your Driver Accreditation and CPVR (Uber can help you with this).
  4. Obtain a Roadworthy Inspection certificate.
  5. Book and attend an appointment with VicRoads to get your taxi plates fitted to your vehicle.
  6. Upload your taxi insurance policy.
  7. Upload your remaining updated vehicle documents.
  8. Complete 3 Uber Taxi education modules.