Net-Cabs launches new technology for processing Multi Purpose Taxi Program cards in Melbourne.

Oiii is pleased to announce we are now using new technology in our taxis to process rides for members of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria’s (CPVV) Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP).

Our new card reading device is being used in all of our taxis throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

The use of this innovative technology will not change your MPTP entitlement. If you use a wheelchair you are not required to pay a lifting fee.

The only change is your MPTP card information will be captured differently in Oiii vehicles only.

All other taxis in metropolitan Melbourne will continue to process your cards using an EFTPOS terminal.

For all customer services enquiries regarding MPTP in Oiii vehicles, please call 03 8394 6812.

For all media inquiries, interviews or quotes please contact us: