Melbourne based Net-Cabs is excited to introduce the new OiiiBid feature in the Oiii passenger booking app. OiiiBid takes the guessing game out of ordering a ride, providing a novel way for the industry to set fares for passenger transport. Specifically, passengers are able to set their pick-up and drop-off locations, pick their preferred drivers and vehicles and the amount they are willing to pay. Matched up drivers are then able to either accept passenger offers or send counter-bids, all in real-time. Once an offer has been accepted, the price is locked in with no additional surcharge.

Oiii with OiiiBid is expected to disrupt the market as it is the only transport booking app in the world that allows passengers and drivers to negotiate a fare price in real-time. OiiiBid gives passengers choice and drivers the ability to accept the jobs they want.

Net-Cabs is currently developing new innovative technologies that will broaden the appeal of OiiiBid by making the feature available to the broader market.

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