As a major milestone in its domestic and global expansion plans, Australian company Net-Cabs has extended its Oiii ecosystem with the launch of its new OiiiPlus driver app. Now all Taxi, Limo and Rideshare drivers can accept passenger OiiiBid jobs by simply installing the OiiiPlus app onto their mobile phones.

The OiiiPlus app has been specifically developed for non-Oiii branded taxi, limo and rideshare drivers to accept passenger OiiiBid jobs through the OiiiPlus app without needing to change their existing affiliation. In other words, drivers can continue driving their existing taxi, limo and rideshare vehicles and yet provide OiiiBid services to passengers via OiiiPlus.

OiiiPlus makes the Oiii application process seamless and free. Once a driver application has been approved, OiiiPlus switches automatically from application to operation mode and drivers can immediately start accepting OiiiBid passenger jobs.

The main benefit to drivers is the ability to earn more income whilst passengers benefit from the ability to set the fare and choose their preferred ride from a broader range of drivers and vehicles.

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