Uber Taxi – what you need to know

Onboarding and Integration with OiiiPlus To become an Uber Taxi driver, eligible individuals will need to download the OiiiPlus driver app (Android @ Google Play or iPhone @ App Store). This app is an integral part of the onboarding process, allowing drivers to select 'Uber Taxi' as their ride class. Once approved, drivers will have their vehicles fitted with specialised taxi equipment at Oiii’s service centre in Port Melbourne. [...]

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OiiiPlus® Driver App Launched

As a major milestone in its domestic and global expansion plans, Australian company Net-Cabs has extended its Oiii ecosystem with the launch of its new OiiiPlus driver app. Now all Taxi, Limo and Rideshare drivers can accept passenger OiiiBid jobs by simply installing the OiiiPlus app onto their mobile phones. The OiiiPlus app has been specifically developed for non-Oiii branded taxi, limo and rideshare drivers to accept passenger [...]

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OiiiBid® Launched

Melbourne based Net-Cabs is excited to introduce the new OiiiBid feature in the Oiii passenger booking app. OiiiBid takes the guessing game out of ordering a ride, providing a novel way for the industry to set fares for passenger transport. Specifically, passengers are able to set their pick-up and drop-off locations, pick their preferred drivers and vehicles and the amount they are willing to pay. Matched up drivers [...]

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MPTP Update

Net-Cabs launches new technology for processing Multi Purpose Taxi Program cards in Melbourne.Oiii is pleased to announce we are now using new technology in our taxis to process rides for members of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria's (CPVV) Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP).Our new card reading device is being used in all of our taxis throughout metropolitan Melbourne.The use of this innovative technology will not change your MPTP entitlement. [...]

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Net-Cabs Launches Oiii®

Net-Cabs, a government approved taxi network service provider, has announced the official launch of its new taxi service Oiii® which is set to disrupt and revolutionise current taxi and ride-sharing services. The new taxi start-up is committed to transforming the traditional taxi experience for operators, drivers and passengers. Launching on Monday, 22nd of January, new multi-colour Oiii cars will be appearing all over Melbourne roads, and in taxi ranks, disrupting [...]

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